Pocketfull of Threads - Past Designs

Pocketfull of Threads is owned and operated by Dominique Scott. Married to a welder, Dominique knows the importance of wearing a quality welder beanie.

Dominique started designing a line of handmade welder caps for her husband which he wore proudly at work. Before long, his workmates started to request that Dominique design welding beanies for them as well and as a result, Pocketfull of Threads was born.

Past Designs

Quality is Dominique’s number one priority and her handmade Welder beanie designs are built to last.

Here are a few photos of Domique’s past designs.

Upcoming Product Lines

In the near future, Dominique plans to add additional product lines including:

Check back often to see Dominique’s unique designs.

Want to learn more?

Email Dominique to request additional information or to request your “Special Order Fabric Welder Cap”.

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